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We Are Honored To Have nFront Consulting LLC As A Client!

Consultants for the Global Power Industry


“We are extremely pleased with the work Hopegate Software has done on our website. Jim has been creative, very responsive and a pleasure to deal with. Our Orlando area company provides consulting for the Global Power Industry.”

John Painter, CEO, nFront Consulting LLC

Great Design Drives Results

In reality, you are not looking for a website; you have certain business goals and a website is an extremely effective tool for reaching them. We at Hopegate Software are here to help businesses reach their goals through the creation of a great Website Design, Amazon AWS - WordPress hosting platform and Internet Marketing services.

There are many goals a website can accomplish:

  • Lead Generation

  • The Internet opens your business up to a massive amount of new opportunities, assuming that your website can be found. Let us help you turn your website into a lead generation machine.

  • Referral Validation

  • Often times businesses are looking for a website to reflect the high quality of their products and services. We all know that one of the first actions someone will take after hearing about your business is looking you up online. Making sure your site is professional and communicates the right message is paramount in closing the deal. Your website can be your sales teams' best friend.

  • Convert More Customers

  • Your website may be representing your company well and have decent exposure, but it is not getting your potential customers to take action such as making a purchase or visiting your store.

  • Serve existing clients and partners better

  • The Internet is not just a marketing machine, it can help automate and facilitate the exchange of information. Some examples include secure file exchange areas, intake forms, and integrations with external systems.

  • Launch a new business

  • You do not get a second chance to make a great first impression. Hopegate Software can help you hit the ground running with a variety of services like branding, site design, and Internet Marketing.

  • Further a cause

  • These websites make the world a better place and we enjoy playing a part. A properly built site for an organization costs money, but that money is an investment that returns more donations, greater awareness and ultimately more people who will benefit from the work of your organization.

A Great Website is Beautiful and Yet Functional

Your website is not simply a pretty picture. Site design should never be thought of as a piece of static art work, but an ongoing, ever evolving relationship between a brand and a user. The best kind of website design is one that invokes action, and that is where we put our focus.

Effective website design is critical to the success of your company and every creative choice that we make brings us closer to getting your message to reach your particular audience.

Responsive & Mobile Friendly

We know that a website is no longer limited to your desktop. Your business must tell a story and connect a brand to a user across a multitude of devices. A successful online business is one that recognizes that users may have different needs depending on their device and smartly serve the correct content in a format that is intuitive.


Amazon Web Services & WordPress

Amazon Web Services & WordPress

Amazon Web Services offers cloud web hosting solutions that provide businesses, non-profits, and governmental organizations with low-cost ways to deliver their websites and web applications. Whether you’re looking for a marketing, rich-media, or ecommerce website, AWS offers a wide-range of website hosting options, and we’ll help you select the one that is right for you.

Why use Amazon Web Services for web hosting?

Broad Platform Support

Broad platform support

With AWS, you can use whatever CMS you like, including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and more. AWS also supports and provides SDKs for popular platforms like Java, Ruby, PHP, Node.js, and .Net.

Datacenters worldwide

Your customers can be anywhere in the world. With AWS you can have a datacenter or CDN hosting your website in any geography you choose with just a few mouse clicks.

Scalable from day one

Website traffic can fluctuate a lot. From quiet times in the middle of the night, to campaign driven, social media sharing traffic spikes, AWS infrastructure that can grow and shrink to meet your needs.

Flexible pricing models

AWS only charges you for the resources you use, with no up-front costs or long-term contracts. AWS has web hosting options that offer pay-as-you-go pricing or fixed monthly pricing.

An Amazon Web Services Solutions

Simple Web Hosting

Simple websites typically consist of a single web server which runs either a Content Management System (CMS), such as WordPress, an eCommerce application, such as WooCommerce, or a development stack, like LAMP. The software makes it easy to build, update, manage, and serve the content of your website.

Simple websites are best for low to medium trafficked sites with multiple authors and more frequent content changes, such as marketing websites, content websites or blogs. They provide a simple starting point for website which might grow in the future. While typically low cost, these sites require IT administration of the web server and are not built to be highly available or scalable beyond a few servers.

Use Amazon Lightsail

Amazon Lightsail is the easiest way to launch and manage a Web server using AWS. Lightsail includes everything you need to jumpstart your Website – a virtual machine, SSD-based storage, data transfer, DNS management, and a static IP – for a low, predictable price. You can get started using Lightsail for your website with just a few clicks. Choose the operating system or application template that's best for your website, and your virtual private server is ready in less than a minute. You can easily manage your web server, DNS, and IP addresses directly from the Lightsail console.



New or Established Website, the important questions are the same!

  1. Can customers find my business on the Internet?
  2. How do I get on the first page of Google?
  3. Can I be successful without SEO & Social Media Marketing?
  4. What are the recommendations to improve my Google Ranking?

Why Search Engine Optimization?

Get Expert Advice!

Search Engine Optimization can help customers find your site on the Internet!


Locating you through the Google Search Engine is the first step that customers will use to locate your website and see what services or products you offer. This is why what page you show up on is important.


Every company wants to be on the first page of a customers Google search, ranked #1.


These are the websites that get selected. SEO is the first step to market your company and get your website on this prized page.

Your Website Can be a Powerful Asset

Reach new, more, and better clients through Search Engine Optimization.

With 97% of U.S. internet users gathering shopping information and making purchasing decisions online, simply having a website isn't enough. Your website is useless if no one sees it. When your site is optimized, your products or services becomes visible to more people, who are already searching for what you offer. It's a win-win!

Be Connected to Customers

Get your site where people are looking & be seen first.

Users search through millions of websites, but usually only see a few. How did those few websites get so lucky? Well, it's not luck. Our service is consistently rated as one of the best Search Engine Optimization services in the country. We can step up your website's ranking on the search engines your customers are using, like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. We will also link your website to other industry-related sites and web pages that users are looking at, helping you connect with them

Get More Sales, Spend Less Doing It

We make it affordable to boost your company

Our services are the solution to your online marketing needs. We offer full-service for local and small businesses with prices similar to phonebook advertising and other traditional advertising methods. Our marketing efforts are proven to have one of the highest ROIs for marketing dollars and is especially useful because it helps to both increase your visibility and draw a more targeted audience, leading those customers who are ready to buy to your site.


Each campaign we run consists of a powerful mix of search engine optimization and online marketing tasks that are designed to get your website or business the visibility it needs. As a Hopegate Software client, you’ll be given your own LaunchPad login that will allow you to view real-time metrics on what tasks have been completed for your account, how long each task has taken, and what tasks still need to be completed for your account. This gives you a minute-by-minute update on every dollar you’ve invested in your online marketing campaigns.

Measure Tasks

  • Link Development
  • Blog Content Creation
  • Local Search & Directory Listing
  • Business Profile Optimization
  • Informative Guest Articles
  • Onsite SEO Edits
  • Social Bookmarking & Linking
  • Social Media Content Scheduling
  • Social Media Content Curation & Approval


Our Proven Process Produces Results


During our Phone Consultation you will be asked 5 important questions:
1. Why are we doing this Project?
2. Who will be using your website?
3. What does success look like?
4. How can we avoid failure?
5. What is the Scope of this project?


An example of Project Steps:
1. Goals and Ideas
2. Web Design
3. Layout
4. Coding
5. Test
6. SEO
7. Promoting
8. Support


No more planning, it is time to put our ideas on paper and from there to coding the website. Here we follow our planning steps to guarantee the best possible solution for you our client.


The website is now tested on all popular browsers and mobile devices. Do all the features we have coded work well on these browsers and devices? Does the website look professional and does it meet your expectations as agreed upon?


Now the day we all have been waiting for, the website goes live and is available to your users or customers! Even in this phase we monitor your website to verify that it is performing according our agreed expectations. Issues can arise even after a website has gone live but because of our extensive testing beforehand, usually they are minor changes. Sometimes after a website has gone live a client will notice added features that he hadn’t thought of in the planning process. These additions can be implemented at an hourly rate with an agreed time of completion.


Over 25 years of Project Management and Development experience.

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