Social Media Marketing Orlando

Social Media Marketing Orlando

How to promote your Orlando area business has changed in the last few years. Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing, LinkedIN Marketing, and YouTube Marketing are here to stay. Did you know that social media marketing is one of the more cost-effective strategies over any other traditional form of display advertising?

Three Primary Social Media Goals

Excerpt from an excellent book: Farrell, Sean - SEO Made Simple For 2015, Chapter 5 - Social Media

Here I'm going to map out the three primary goals most social media outreach campaigns fall into. If you're still trying to figure out how and why to get involved in social media outreach, consider these three categories and ask yourself how they might apply to your business.

When we look at online marketing, there are three broad categories for which nearly all social media related goals can fall into. They are usually either aimed at:

1. Building and Strengthening the Brand
2. Driving Conversions
3. Increasing and Monitoring your web Presence

Knowing this, let's take a closer look at these three areas and how they might apply to your social media efforts.

Build Your Brand

When it comes to building and reinforcing your brand, social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to business owners now. Social Media gives you the strongest and broadest opportunity to both find your target audience and to engage in conversation with them.
These days, you have no choice but to differentiate yourself from your competition. To do this, identify the things that make your company different from your competition. This is also known as your Unique Value Proposition( UVP).
If you're a service professional, I recommend that you target a specific niche and build a blogging, Google Buzz and Twitter strategy around that. Demonstrate your expertise in working with a certain type of client and then seek out those types of clients to have conversation with. Look for new ways to connect with them and encourage your current clients to socially share your articles with their networks.

Drive Conversions

One of biggest reasons to use social media is for the potential boost it can have to your conversion efforts. Whether you're looking to drive sales, increase the number of leads your website receives, or simply drive people to an action or conversion, make sure they are easily trackable and there are goals set you want to reach in the realm of social media.
I recommend that you sit down and write out a list of all the potential actions you might want a visitor to your website to take when visiting your company’s website.
There are some options that immediately jump out such as choosing to take action to buy your product or services. They may also have the customer leave information that you can act on to contact them. Never forget the easy ones either such as to subscribe to your newsletter, referring them to your blog or offering a free product or service white paper.
When you are done, scan the list you have created and determine the best strategy for effectively obtaining your goals. Plan what social media avenues will be best to use to obtain your goals.

Increase Presence

The goal most often associated with social media efforts is increasing your web presence and brand recognition by increasing the conversation level about your product. This can be sparked by a number of things such as news articles, asking questions, responding to questions, and creating topics in social media related to your product and answering how your product fulfills a potential customer’s needs.

Using Keyword Density In Social Media

One of the biggest things you can do is learn about keyword density which I explain throughout this book. Whenever you post to a blog , write a news article, or do any tweeting, you should have a keyword in mind. This keyword should be a word that people would type in to a search engine to find the product or service you are advertising in social media.
When you write you should keep a steady 4% keyword density at a minimum. This means that if you post a 200 word blog posting, you should have the keyword in your posting at least 8 times. This will make your posting the most relevant to the search engines for that keyword.
Following this instruction makes social media a prime outlet for PR driven companies who want to know what customers are saying about them and then having those comments found on search engines.
If you are setting up even a baseline (meaning keep track of what happens before your use of social media) will help you to see how well social media is helping your business. Whether you're launching a new product, aiming to get new people to know about your product or service, or target a new audience for your service or products, the potential is unlimited.
When it comes to the conversation people might be having about you online, ask yourself a few questions.

1. What demographics do your product or services appeal to?
2. What will people be looking for in terms of keywords for your product or services?
3. What do you want your clients to be saying about your product or service?
4. What can you do to create a buzz or what type of niche does your product or service fulfill better than others?

You've Set the Stage, Now Start Building a Plan

Looking at your business with answers to the questions above will help you set the stage for your social media efforts. If you're small business looking to take your social media efforts up a notch (or maybe even just get started,) take the time to define at least two goals from the questions above. Once you've identified your desired outcome and your target audience, you are ready to start mapping out the path to get there.

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