Adobe Business Catalyst Hosting

Website Hosting and Support

Reliable Website Hosting & Help Desk

We offer customized options to fit your small business needs as well as answers when you need them. Support is handled via support ticketing, and answered quickly.

More than Just Website Hosting

Hosted Support plan includes:

  • The ability to submit a support ticket question 24/7
  • BC Training Videos available online 24/7
  • 99% of submissions are reviewed and answered within 8 business hours
  • Questions are answered back within ticket as written
  • Questions that we answer through Hosting Support are based on the website engine capabilities; they do not include design, development, SEO, content entry, product entry, or strategy/consulting.

Examples of questions we welcome:

  • How do I change the menu with BC’s dynamic menu module?
  • How do I use the CMS to make changes to a particular page?
  • How do I manage the homepage Carousel Web App?
  • How do I create a new page template to add content?
  • How do I setup an email campaign to be sent out?

Examples of questions that are out of scope:

  • How do I rank better in Google, I’m not coming up on page 1?
  • How do I make changes to my graphics in Photoshop?
  • I tried programming a new web form and its not working, what code do I need to change to fix it?
  • I didn’t need e-commerce before, but now I do, how do I set this up?
  • We have 20 pages of content to add to my website, can you set this up for us?
  • We have 200 products to add to our e-store catalogs, can you enter these in for us?

The rule of thumb is differentiating between BC system questions, versus production work. If we have to fix something that is broken, provide consulting or any kind of production work, it is not included in hosting support. However, we would be glad to assist you with any problems and can discuss costs for any of these scenarios.