What does online success mean for your business?

Websites… It’s not IF you have one…
It’s what VALUE does it bring?

Having a business website is no longer an option.  Most all businesses have accepted the fact that you need an online presence.  Whether word of mouth, offline advertising or a web search, prospects will search for your company no matter what industry or type of work, and what comes up (or doesn’t) is critical.

While the late adopters are just finally getting on board with some form of a website… Many companies are now expecting more from their website… What business pains can my website help me address?

A brochure site, with a location, phone number, and what you are about can be addressed through a free site, Yelp or any online directory.  Today, people expect ROI from their marketing efforts and expenses.

This means different things for different businesses or industries.  Here are a few samples of how small businesses have used their website as a marketing or operating tool, and seen a return on their website investment.

Goal: Increase Leads Online

Company: Roofing and Remodeling Company

After 2 recent websites, over $6K in online advertising, and not a single inquiry online, our client was concerned if he’d ever see online success.  After providing him a credible looking website, with best practice SEO and URL structure as well as conversion opportunities to Request A Quote online, he had 1 inquiry the day he went live, and 5 additional inquiries within the first week.  All leads are not only captured in a database within his website that he can now manage, but he can leverage that same database, segment and market to those contacts ongoing through email marketing. 

Goal: Create Automated Process to Work Smarter

Company: Confectionary / Bakery

A young couple started their bakery with enough business to stay busy and a few vendor fairs, but was not hitting their true potential due to running the business operations.  They had a current website, but wanted to update the brand, the visual appeal, but most importantly they wanted to start taking orders and cake reservations online, reducing the manual tasks of orders, reservations, and payments over the phone.  We were able to provide them a website solution that would help them improve their overall sales and operational processes, from an online managed calendar and booking capability for cake reservations, to online payments and full ordering, capabilities, including the ability to upload images and inspiration for the cake designs.  Within 3 months, they had a 300% surge in traffic, and have grown so much they’ve taken their in-home bakery to a dedicated shop.

Goal: Revamp Website Design with Mobile-Specific Experience

Company: Real Estate Broker

With a once brochure site that merely provided basic contact information, the Real Estate broker knew he needed an online tool that could not only provide his clients the listing information and additional resources, but also needed a system that could attract new Agents with loyalty campaigns and education seminars.  All these requirements for his website were just as critical to be accessed on a mobile device, but with a unique layout where the usability and experience are ideal for the user.  We accomplished this through responsive design, so users on the go could still access his listings, and seminar information, or if a prospect drove by his sign, they would have a quick way to contact him or learn more about him as an Agent. 

Online Success is in Reach... And Affordable

With the advancements in technology, you can have a professionally designed website that's affordable and works for you... Not just an expense on your tax sheet.  If your goal the second half of this year is to grow your business and start marketing online, ensure you have the correct website to help convert your online marketing initiatives.

Article by Jaclyn Schmitz of smbfuel.com May 2014

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